keto : transformation tuesday - meg

My name is Meg and I am a 25 year old Canadian Ketoer!

My Keto weight loss journey started In February 2017. My life was a bit of a mess at this time. I was working at a job that I hated, my hormones were all over the place; which lead to a lot of emotional imbalances, my face was breaking out, my sleeping habits were trash, I had no energy, and I was relying on food to make me feel good!

Near the end of February I was at a small concert venue with my Dad and my boyfriend. My Dad and I were asked by the musician to stand up in front of the entire room and dance together. I didn’t want to. I remember feeling like I didn’t want everyone staring at me and that I was embarrassed about how I looked. My Dad insisted though, so we danced and for a few moments I forgot about my embarrassment. After the show was over, my boyfriend showed me the video he had taken of the dance, and instead of being happy to have the video, I was devastated. “Is that what I look like?” “Am I really that heavy?” “Why has nobody mentioned all the weight I’ve gained?” I knew I had to change something but I didn’t know how. I had tried so many other options in the past: diet pills, crash diet plans with boring foods, working out a few times and expecting major results, and even starving myself at times, all to no avail.

Because my Dad is a personal trainer, I asked him for advice. My actual request was "I need a diet in which I can still consume a lot of cheese." He laughed, but suggested that I look into intermittent fasting. While I was looking into intermittent fasting I stumbled across a Keto forum and I could not believe it! All of these people were having such incredible results, and on the list of foods they were eating were things like cheese, avocados, whipping cream, butter, and BACON! How was this possible? Those were all foods that I loved and people were using them to lose weight! It seemed too good to be true, but the more research I did, and the more science I investigated, I realized it might just work. And so, I started Keto!

My results were slow to start as I learned how to navigate this new way of life, but after a few weeks I finally got right into the groove of things! I started a Keto Instagram (@Keto_megsies) to track my progress, stay accountable, and meet other like-minded people. So many things started to change for me, I was losing weight at an amazing and healthy rate, my hormones and emotions were balanced, my face cleared up, I was sleeping better and had amazing energy levels, and I actually began to PREFER all of the things I was eating on Keto! So much so that I was able to go 8 months without a single cheat day! I developed such a passion for Ketogenic nutrition that I even decided to go back to school for nutritional sciences to become a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner! No more job that I hated!

Since then I have lost 50lbs and truly gained so much more! I have now been in Keto maintenance for about 4 months and I can honestly say that I am never ever going back to how things were. Keto truly changed my life, and is now starting to change the lives of a few people around me who are starting to follow suit. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. One that I will have for the rest of my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight and want a solution that allows them to love the things they eat!