keto: transformation tuesday - michelle

My name is Michelle and I am a mother of two little boys. I have been overweight for the past 8 to 9 years and my highest weight was 247.6 lbs 5 years ago, after I had my second son. It was 2014 and I decided to lose some weight by tracking my food and exercising. I walked for exercise pushing the double stroller and was able to lose 80 lbs. I was reaching for 100 lbs lost but ended up injuring my knee and needed surgery. I stopped tracking and stopped exercising and ended up gaining 40 plus pounds back in a matter of 2.5 years. Many times over those 2 years I would diet and exercise, starve myself and exercise but I never could lose any weight. I was down on myself and embarrassed of my body. I was so embarrassed that when I would be out and saw people I knew but hadn’t seen in a while I would hide or walk the other way so they wouldn’t see me. I didn’t want them to think, wow she’s gained a lot of weight.

It was August 2017 and our friends birthday and I saw myself on video and was so upset at how fat I’d gotten again and this time had no excuse like pregnancy. It was nothing but laziness and failed diets. September 14,2017 I decided to try Keto, I read about it online and thought, I need to do something. I only took one starting photo which was a shame because honestly, I thought it would just be another failed attempt at weight loss and didn’t realize how my life was about to CHANGE!!! I was about to change, not only physically but mentally. I started losing weight, I started feeling less bloated, I had less inflammation in my arthritis, my moods were amazing, I had less anxiety, i also had an unlimited amount of energy, Keeping up with my 4 and 5 year old was not a problem anymore. The change in my overall well being was changed for the better and so quickly. I have been doing Keto consistently with no cheats and quite strictly for 5 months today and have currently lost 45 lbs. Keto definitely takes time to figure out but once you do it’s not a diet, it is just eating foods that are delicious and make your body feel so good. I have never felt deprived while eating Keto. I now have confidence, I am not embarrassed of myself and I feel so healthy. This way of eating has agreed with me so much I have committed to it fully and never plan to go back. My body is never swollen, from sugar and carbs, even at certain times of the month my body is never bloated. It is incredible. I have started sharing with everyone I can because I think that so many people would benefit, even if they don’t need to lose weight. I am so grateful to have come across an article about Keto, I am a different person because of it and the quality of life Keto has given me is incredible.