keto: transformation tuesday - juan

Since I could remember I have always been the chubby kid, I was always pressured to lose weight by my friends and family, I didn’t really care much for it until my son was born and I took a good look at myself. I wanted to be someone he could look up to one day. Before, I was lazy, unhealthy, and I was never happy. I wasn’t in a good state of health and felt very low and a little ashamed of myself every time I looked in the mirror and I would remember how upset I would get when I would see myself in pictures thinking “is that really me?”.

I then began to work out for long hours and I was seeing some results but not the ones I wanted, I finally realized that the reason I wasn’t getting my results was because of my diet! I didn’t have one. I kept eating all the same junk I would normally eat and wouldn’t count any of my macros. I was told “you can work out all you want but you’ll never out exercise a bad diet”, and it’s the truth. You can lift, run, and swim all you want, but if your diet is horrible you’ll never get anywhere.

Then I finally met someone who helped me, she told me about this diet she heard of and was on once before and how it helped her. I was skeptical because you always hear about these new diet crazes that never go the way they advertise, but she was able to convince me to try it. Like I said I was skeptical, so I did some research and finally decided to give it a try. I was excited to try it because I’m a huge carnivore and hearing that I wouldn’t have to entirely give up burgers and that bacon and steak were a must I was a happy camper. At first it was difficult, trying to figure out what had carbs, what didn’t, how many carbs, what was a net carb! It took some time before I got the hang of it, I started small with bacon and eggs, it didn’t take long before I started making my own recipes and cooking custom meals, I was happy with the diet and could feel the difference.

In the beginning it took a while for me to see results, but after the first two weeks it was obvious I was changing, I could feel my clothes loosening and I even felt more active. In two months I saw significant change, so much that I went from and XL to an L, and guess what? Two months after that I dropped another size, I am now a happy medium, I have never been a medium ever in my life. When I began my keto journey I weighed 254lbs, four months after starting I weighed 205 pounds, in four months I lost almost 50lbs. I haven’t stopped the diet and I’ve even inspired some friends to get on it too. I have never felt this happy with myself and this confident. This isn’t just a diet but a life changing experience.

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