delicious, low-carb dinners with a mediterranean twist

As a keto dieter, deciding what's for dinner can get difficult, especially if you're the only low-carb member of your household. Thankfully for you, however, there are an endless array of mouthwatering meals you can make at home--tasty choices that everyone is sure to love. Utilizing ingredients like garlic, olive oil, and feta, these favorites each have a Mediterranean twist. Each recipe is created with full flavor in mind, so you can mix and match the protein choices and sides to create one-of-a-kind dishes suitable for any occasion. When you mix up your meals, the options are truly endless, so dive in and enjoy!

Greek Salad w/Mediterranean Garlic Spiced Salmon

This low-carb, high-fat take on the Greek Salad mixes keto staples such as olive oil and Omega-3 packed salmon to create a decadent delight. More than just a salad, this is is a full meal that's filling AND packed with flavor. A separate recipe for salmon means that you can mix and match the two however you like, pairing your salmon with other tasty, low-carb sides. Craving even more healthy fats? Add an egg on top, and you'll be full in no time.


Makes: 4 servings


  • 4 Tbsp virgin olive oil

  • Mixed greens

  • 4 full-sized tomatoes

  • 1 medium red onion

  • 20 kalamata olives

  • 1 package feta crumbling cheese

  • Oregano to taste


  1. Wash the mixed greens and mix in a bowl with the virgin olive oil.

  2. Wash, peel, and slice the vegetables into bite-sized pieces.

  3. Add the vegetable mixture to the salad, toss, and mix thoroughly.

  4. Top it off with with the feta, olives, and oregano.

  5. Cover and set the salad aside in the fridge as you prepare the salmon.


Makes: 4 servings


  • 4 Fresh Salmon Filets

  • 1/2 cup olive oil

  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

  • 4 cloves pressed garlic

  • 2 tablespoons chopped basil

  • 1 egg (optional)


  1. Mix the olive oil and vinegar together.

  2. Coat each salmon filet with a light layer of garlic, to taste. Place the filets on a baking dish, and coat them with the oil and vinegar mixture, allowing the ingredients to soak in.

  3. Let the mixture marinate; then cook all ingredients for 20 minutes, turning halfway through the cooking process. The filets should be a light, flaky golden brown. If desired, fry an egg, using it to top the salmon for additional fat and protein.

  4. Add any remaining garlic to the olive oil and vinegar mixture, and coat the finishes filets for an extra hint of flavor. Season with chopped basil, and voila! Top your greek salad with the finished filets.

Serving size: One salmon filet paired w/one serving of salad

Net carbs: 9.7 g

Fat: 59.4 g

Protein: 69 g




  • 8 oz Greek yogurt (get the full-fat variety)

  • 1/2 cucumber, minced

  • 2 tbsp dill, minced

  • 2 tbsp lemon juice


  • 2 tbsp virgin olive oil

  • 1 package Spinach

  • 1 large head of Brocolli

  • 1 package fresh Green Beans

  • 2 zucchinis

  • 2 tbsp lemon juice

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare the chicken first, giving it a chance to simmer as your prepare the other parts of your meal. Mix all ingredients (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic powder, and onion powder) in a bowl. Rub each chicken filet in the mixture, coating it thoroughly. Place the filets on the stove, and let simmer, soaking in the flavors of the garlic and onion. Paired with the other elements of your meal, these flavors add a bold touch.

  2. While the chicken is cooking, prepare the Tzatziki sauce in a small dish, stirring the ingredients until properly mixed. Top with more dill if desired, and place in the refrigerator to keep cool.

  3. Mix the vegetables together as a bowl. Once the chicken filets are finished, coat the veggies with any leftover mixture. Marinate for 15 minutes in olive oil, and season with lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

  4. Now, for the finishing touches. Put it all together by placing the chicken filets on a plate, topping with Tzatziki sauce, and finishing off with the vegetable mixture on the side. If you prefer, chop it all up and mix it together for a flavorful mixture that blends the lemon, garlic, onion, and the creamy taste of Tzatziki into one mouthwatering meal.

Serving Size: 1 portion

Net carbs: 16 g

Fat: 23.2 g

Protein: 43.1 g


This dish is equally tasty using alternate seafoods, so don't hesitate to experiment! As a low-fat protein source, choices such as shrimp, prawns, and ever-popular salmon are packed with vitamins, minerals, and omega-3's. Mixing up your protein source is just another way to revolutionize this decadent dinner choice.




  • 2 avocados

  • 1/2 cup full fat Greek yogurt

  • 2 tbsps lime juice

  • 2 cloves garlic

  • Salt & pepper to taste



  1. Prepare the cod over stovetop, letting the filets broil to soak in the flavor for 20 minutes. Add salt, pepper, and paprika to taste, and then sprinkle with an extra hint of lemon juice, if desired.

  2. While the cod is broiling, prepare the avocado cream. Cut and mash up both avocados, as if you're making guacamole. Mix in the Greek yogurt, lime juice, and garlic, mashing even further into a light mixture. Add a hint of whole milk to give the cream a lighter twist, if preferred, and add salt and pepper to taste. The cream's thickness is entirely up to preference.

  3. When the cod filets are finished, top with avocado cream. As the cream cools over the seafood, more flavor will be soaked in. The mixture is light, but tasty. Add an extra hint of pepper on top.

  4. Microwave the cauliflower for 5 minutes; it should be primarily soft with a hint of firmness.

  5. Add the remaining ingredients to the cauliflower mixture, and stir together. Use a blender for a more intense mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Spices such as basil, oregano, and chives are other options for creating bold flavors--a welcome compliment amongst creamy, avocado-covered fish.

  6. Serve the mashed cauliflower alongside your seafood dish, and voila, you have a unique hint of flavors that the entire family will enjoy.

Serving Size: 1 portion

Net Carbs: 10.3 g

Fat: 37.2 g

Protein: 24.6 g

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