My KETO Valentine

This morning I walked into what would be every keto dieters DREAM on valentines day!

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to see the box of chocolates, but of course my fiancé knows me just too well, and he got all keto/low carb chocolates, as well as homemade keto chocolate covered strawberries!

I mean, pinch me.... I must be dreaming, right?

And of course, photos to prove it! ;)

He's the absolute best, to say the least.

Keto dieting can be hard, especially in relationships. I still miss the days where we would veg out on gummy worms and pizza, but after being on keto for so long, It is safe to say I don't miss it enough to cheat + kick myself out of ketosis ;)

So if you are on a strict keto/low carb diet, or starting one, hopefully your partner is supportive and understanding of this lifestyle change.

Or even better, whip up some of the keto recipes here on niKETO, and convince them to cross over to the keto side as well! ;)

To make your own KETO chocolate covered strawberries, get the dipping chocolate here:​

White Chocolate | 4 net carbs Dark chocolate | 4 net carbs

Happy Valentines day!

-Nicole Rokita

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