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BHB Ketones


BHB powder is an energy powerhouse supplement for keto dieters. This supplement is positively associated with: 

  • Increased ketone supply - the purpose of the keto diet! 

  • Increased natural energy without the jittery side-effects of espresso and energy drinks

  • Accelerated weight loss as your body breaks down fat more efficiently

  • Sharper focus for longer periods of time throughout the day


On a typical diet your body processes carbohydrates as its primary fuel source in the form of glucose, or sugar. Carbohydrates provide quick energy rather than long-lasting energy, causing energy peaks and lulls throughout the day. On a diet that restricts carbohydrates, like the keto diet, your body has to seek out a different fuel source -- this is when it starts to digest fat stores. Fat is a slower-burning fuel, and your body may struggle at first to make the transition.


At the onset of ketosis, many people experience unpleasant symptoms similar to the flu: aching muscles, nausea, fatigue, and GI upset are not uncommon. You can help your body reach ketosis faster and bypass the keto flu symptoms by taking exogenous ketones, or ketones made outside the body. As this is now your body’s main source of energy, this supplement will boost your body’s natural energy and keep your metabolism burning fat stores. 

How does it work? 


As it searches for fuel, your body breaks carbohydrates down first. Carbs are a quick-burning source of energy that make you feel satisfied for a short period of time and cause energy spikes throughout the day. On a carb-restricted diet, your body will have to rely on fat instead, creating ketones in the process. BHB powder is designed to supplement your BHB (betahydroxybutyrate) proteins, which naturally act as a catalyst for the metabolic process of ketosis. 


Why do I need BHB Powder? 


Getting your body into ketosis is hard work! Your body may start to feel fatigued more easily as it runs out of carbs and starts producing ketos. Feeling fatigued doesn’t just feel uncomfortable and make you cranky, it actually increases the likelihood that you’ll turn to sugary, artificial “pick me ups” like energy drinks and snack foods (try saying no to breakroom doughnuts when you’re hangry andtired!) Stay committed to your keto goals by giving your body the energy boost it needs to fight cravings, stick to your diet, and make it to your after-work spin class. 


niKETO tip: test your ketones daily! With the help of a ketone reader, you can get a more accurate understanding of what your body needs. Visit www.niketo.comand search for “keto reader” to find our recommendations!