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niKETO is the first food service of it's kind, a total game changer. 

niKETO's mission is to bring awareness to the masses about the harmful effects of sugar and carbohydrates through information, education, and good food.

The ketogenic diet has many positive benefits, including weight loss, mental clarity, improved mood, controlled appetite, decreased cravings, and less dependency on eating sugary, carbohydrate-rich foods in order to sustain a level and adequate amount of energy. The ketogenic diet is a great way to kick-start weight loss, and cutting down on the amount of carbohydrates consumed on a daily basis is a proven way to maintain your weight and enjoy the health benefits the ketogenic diet and a low-carbohydrate diet have to offer.

As the ketogenic diet gains popularity due to knowledge of its health benefits, especially in regard to weight loss, it has gained the interest of many people who want to start living a ketogenic lifestyle. The problem is - it can be hard to follow! Especially if you don't cook or have the time to cook.

Research shows the negative effects that carbohydrates (especially when consumed in excess) have on the body, the most popular of these being weight gain.

Correspondingly, there is plenty of research showing the benefits of following a low carb diet/lifestyle, one of which being weight loss.


At niKETO, our menu is optimized to follow a ketogenic diet, so that keto dieters may eat there and order anything without the worry of breaking ketosis. On the other hand, although it is designed for keto, it is absolutely delicious for anyone to enjoy.


You don’t need to be on a keto diet to enjoy the food. You don’t have to be on any diet to enjoy the food.
We aim to demonstrate that food can still be delicious and, at the same time, healthy for you.


We don’t offer traditional "healthy" menu items found at most health-oriented restaurants. We offer plenty of items that you would probably not even think to be healthy, and perhaps even considered unhealthy when served a traditional way.


Take pizza, for example. Obviously unhealthy anywhere else, but ours is made with cauliflower crust with a recipe so well designed that most do not even notice the difference between our crusts, and traditional pizza crusts.


The best part of eating niKETO, is that the food you order is guaranteed to be low in carbohydrates, and just about anyone could benefit from lowering their carbohydrate intake. We make it easy for you to track your macronutrient intake by being completely transparent in the nutritional content in each and every menu on our item, so you can be sure that you are staying on track with your goals! 

We want to re-educate people on the proper dynamics of a healthy diet; in hopes to make an impact so large that this knowledge may create a societal change, and a nation-wide demand for foods lower in sugar and carbohydrates, encouraging all areas of the food industry to change their food supply to meet the demands of the people. We want to inspire a change bigger than us, we want to inspire a change for the greater health of society.


So first, we created niKETO.

Foods with low carbs, but full flavor.

With foods that both taste good, and are good for you, you can be eating healthy without even knowing it!

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