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cholesterol + blood pressure

keto, cholesterol, + blood pressure

Due to its high fat nature, a common misunderstanding regarding the keto diet prevails among the general public. Since it’s based on a high fat intake, some think that it must deposit more fat in your body, increase the cholesterol and clog your arteries. Just because people think so, doesn’t mean it must be true. Recent research exposes that a keto diet optimizes your cholesterol levels, and as a matter of fact, make your heart feel young and healthy!

Fats aren’t just waxes and oils. There are many classes of fats (lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol) that occur in our body and aid in the body metabolism. Skipping forward to cholesterol, it is a waxy substance that is consumed as well as produced inside our body. Cholesterol has many functions, such as producing hormones (estrogen and progesterone), maintain the fluidity of cell membrane and help in the absorption of vitamins.

For your information, the fun thing is that your body produces more cholesterol internally (75%) than it obtains from external sources like poultry, dairy, and beef. For the transportation of cholesterol in the blood stream, some lipoproteins (fats cum proteins) are involved. The most important of these lipoproteins are low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and High-density lipoproteins (HDL).

a brief introduction to cholesterol
the good, the bad, and the keto: the unbreakable bond

What’s more important is the function of LDL and HDL. The former is the ‘bad guy’, while the latter is the ‘good guy’. LDL is responsible in depositing the cholesterol within the arteries (and you don’t want to go there!), but HDL collects the excess unused cholesterol and brings it back to the liver. HDL also lower the risks for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and reduce inflammation. That’s good news and a relief!

Evidence from a large randomized study suggests that a low carb diet is an effective method of increasing the HDL cholesterol level as compared to traditional weight-lost regimens. In another yearlong study, including 118 obese men and women, the same results were obtained for a ketogenic diet in comparison to low fat diets. It has also been noticed that lowering the carb intake increases HDL cholesterol levels even in healthy, non-obese individual regardless of race and ethnicity. Keto for all and all for Keto!

In addition to the breakthrough regarding benefits of keto, several studies have emphasized that low-carb diets (such as keto) assist in reducing the number of LDL particles and increase their size in obese people. This particularly positively affects the overall fitness of the heart.


All the information before you present the strongest evidence how a ketogenic influences and optimizes your cholesterol levels. Don’t think you’ll find it hard to believe!

Now that we’ve discussed cholesterol and its relation to a ketogenic diet, it’s easy to understand how keto works with blood pressure (BP). You see, when the LDL deposits cholesterol in your arteries, the blood vessels become narrow and blood pressure is increased. Other factors believed to influence the blood pressure are high calorie, sodium intake and old age. You could also hear people saying that BP runs in the family. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Most people use medication to control their BP and keep them in their practice. What if I tell you that the BP is a lock in which you’re fitting a wrong key? Yes, you can’t treat a problem until you know what the actual solution for it is. The answer for the transition from high to normal BP is simple: the keto diet.

Cutting off excess calories and going on a low-carb diet, the blood pressure begins to get normal as soon as the insulin levels begin to fall. The problem isn’t the salt, you see; it’s all the carbs you’ve been gobbling. You don’t have to blame the salt as you’ll be needing it when you go on a keto diet. All you need to do is cut all your sugar intake, reduce your carbohydrate consumption, and in case you’re using meds for BP, check with your doctor.


Don’t fret when I say that it isn’t about making mistakes when treating high BP; it’s more about correcting them. Bringing a simple (yet challenging) change in your diet can be more powerful than all the medicines you’ve been taking for high BP. 

running a keto diet with blood pressure
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