is keto right for you?

is keto right for you or are you right for keto?

Scrolling down the pages on your tech gadget, you keep searching for the right recipe to go with your current mood. You click one link and various recipes pop out, which are probably tagged healthy, nutritious, paleo, gluten-free, or even keto. If you’re into food and are diet conscious as well, you must have known what some of these terms mean and how to sort through them. However, you pause for a moment and click ‘keto’. Does keto ring a bell?

Oh yes, it’s the latest foodie trend these days on popular social sites and blogs. You’ll find several scrumptious and mouth-watering recipes, but wait a sec! Just because you know the term and how it rolls, doesn’t mean you should just go for it. Various nutritionists and dietitians would agree with the undeniable super powers of a keto diet, but let’s get real here. Keto is a highly restrictive diet, which isn’t for everyone (sigh!), but most people can benefit from it. 

the right ones for keto

The cutting-edge effects of keto are viable for:  

  1) people who prefer fatty diets, specifically obese or overweight individuals as the keto diet improves insulin levels and induces weight loss

  2) people suffering from neuronal disorders, like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s etc. 

  3) people who would benefit from a low-carb diet to combat fatigue, poor sleep patterns, certain skin issues, obesity, and other health issues.

the wrong ones for keto

The keto diet is not for people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as it can dangerously raise their insulin and ketone levels, resulting in ketoacidosis.

Although many athletes have been successful on keto, not all athletes may thrive on this diet and should see a nutritionist to ensure protein, fat, and vitamin levels are compatible with their level of fitness. However, it might surprise you to know how many high profile athletes swear by their keto lifestyle.

a reflection on obesity

As keto is receiving a great deal of attention, let’s look at why keto should be considered the foremost priority for the obese in the USA. Regardless of which state you live in, you’ve likely seen a growing number of obese people in your neighborhood. As a result of this statistical incline, obesity is viewed as a major health issue in recent decades. Two out of every three Americans are obese or overweight (yikes!). Obesity is generally accompanied by various heart diseases, which limit the likelihood of a healthy life and potentially has fatal results. The USA isn’t alone when it comes to obesity, but ranks the highest among the nations affected. 

Listed below are the top 10 states with the highest obesity rates in the USA:


According to stats, the 29th largest state tops the obesity list with 20% of 10-17 year old obese kids and 41.7% 45-64 year old obese adults. Moreover, from the years 1995-2000, obesity spiked by 14%, a concerning rate!


In 2016, the #1 state for obesity had to be compromised between West Virginia and Mississippi. Now at #2, the obesity percentage of West Virginia hits 35.7%, with the top position for diabetes in the entire nation.


Now at #3, Mississippi has an obesity rate of 35.5%. The obesity rate is mainly due to lack of physical activity among adults in Mississippi. 


Louisiana has a current obesity rate of 34.9%, but that number is rising. By 2030, we can expect the number of obese individuals to increase to 170,092, compared to 69,400 cases in 2010. 


Holding the title of the 5th most obese state in the USA, Alabama has a percentage of 33.5%.


With an obesity percentage of 33%, local health initiatives have played a pivotal role in improving the obesity ranking in Oklahoma. 



Indiana is ranked the 7th on a 1-10 obesity scale (32.7%) in the US, but also ranks for heart disease and smoking. The Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 has been implemented with hopes of improving the state’s health status.



The overall obesity percentage in Ohio is 32.6%, but there is some good and bad news. For the juveniles aged between 10 and 17, the obesity rates have curved down to 0.9%, but the adult obesity is rising. 


Second to last, North Dakota has an obesity percentage of 32.2%


For a healthy state like South Carolina, it is disappointing to see the stats showing the highest obesity rates for children of age 10-17 years (21.5%). However, the overall obesity rate strikes at 32.1%. 

With obesity rates rising drastically in America, the need for the establishment of keto restaurants and keto as therapeutic diet remains crucial. As keto continues to sweep the nation in popularity and practice, we can expect to see lower obesity rates and health risks and improved health status on individual, community, and national levels.

keto or not - live healthy and happily!

As mentioned before, keto is a specialized and restricted diet plan for people dealing with various health issues. If you are willing to give up your habitual eating for a fitter lifestyle, you may want to consult your doctor or nutritionist first.


If keto is right for you, imagine the ways your life will improve as you become reacquainted with the healthier version of you!