KETO coaching

Are you ready to start the Keto diet, but still unsure of what it all entails? Do you want a more personalized, customized introduction and game plan to get you started? If you want to get the quickest, most effective results from the Keto diet, then we at niKETO highly recommend speaking with one of our Keto experts to help guide you from the start to finish, to ensure you start off on the right track! With so much information about the Keto diet, comes also a lot of misinformation. It's important to avoid making one of the many common mistakes that more new Keto dieters make, as these will form your perception of the Keto diet, and will likely become a habit hard to break out of once you notice that the diet is not working as well as it should be for you.


Our goal is to provide you with all of the knowledge, tools, and resources you will need to getting started properly. We customize your plan starting by analyzing your macronutrient requirement, which is the most important factor of following a Keto diet. Because everyone's varies based on their gender, age, activity level, body type, etc., macronutrient requirements are unique to each and every person based on factors such as these. Ensuring that you stay within your macro counts each day is absolutely crucial in order to see the results you are hoping to achieve.


Allow us to calculate your macro requirements, and depending on your goal (lose weight, sustain weight, gain muscle, etc) we are able to provide you will a fully personalized start up plan, including setting up a meal plan for you, providing you with a list of key foods you should have in stock based upon your food preferences, recommended supplements, and so on.


We also provide ongoing coaching to help you stay on track by checking in on a regular basis, in order to ensure you are on the right path! We are able to modify and customize your plan based on the results you are seeing, or any change in goal. Our clients have told us that the most valuable part of this ongoing program, is accountability. Your chances of starting, and committing to a Keto diet are much higher when you are being held accountable for yourself. We also provide you with a system of support, mentorship and guidance that will be extremely helpful for questions as you first start out, or questions when you begin to notice a weight plateau, or for pep talks when you are feeling unmotivated. And we make sure you aren't going to get away with cheat days that turn into cheat weekends, that turn into cheat weeks... We know the drill!


At niKETO, we believe that if you are going to invest in yourself, that you give it your all and do it the right way the first time around!

You can choose from any of our following packages:

Basic macronutrient requirement evaluation

One time consultation

Start up consultation - where we provide you with all of the tools and resources you will need to get started

Or any of our ongoing VIP support packages:

Bronze: 1 on 1 coaching via video chat once monthly

Silver: 1 on 1 coaching via video chat twice monthly

Gold: 1 on 1 coaching via video chat three times monthly

Platinum: 1 on 1 coaching via video chat once weekly (4x monthly)

Please fill out the contact form below with your information, as well as the package you are interested in.