niKETO is Los Angeles's first all KETO restaurant

niKETO is a pick up and delivery only restaurant servicing the Los Angeles area.


All of our food is served fresh and made to order, without the use of any preservatives, chemicals or unnatural ingredients. At niKETO, we aim to prove that food can be both delicious and healthy. 


Inspired by the ketogenic diet, all of the food you find on our menu are naturally low in carbohydrates. We take your classic menu favorites, and remake them with ingredients similar in taste but lower in carbohydrates to give you a low carb version of some of your favorite dishes. You don't need to compromise the taste of your food in order for it to be healthy for you! 

Although our menu is optimized around a low carb, keto diet, it is delicious enough to be enjoyed by everyone. And everyone can benefit from reducing their carbohydrate intake per day, regardless of if you are on a keto diet or not.

Not only should you know what's in your food, but you should know how what is in your food affects your body.

Feel good about eating good food again!


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