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   Nicole Rokita   


   Nicole Rokita   

niKETO is the manifestation from the mind of Nicole Rokita.

Coming from the world of high-fashion editorial modeling, gracing the international covers of Glamour, L'officiel, Playboy, and MAXIM, she has been primed in the mastery of beauty and fitness.


Her passion for healthy eating as well as helping and inspiring others, first materialized niKETO as a popular keto blog, sharing ideas for a healthy lifestyle. Her discoveries while formulating innovative recipes with an avant-garde chef blossomed into the launch of niKETO as a leading force in California's keto cuisine.


With a background as a web design and coding teen prodigy, she harnessed the power of the web to spread the word about this revolution in healthy eating. She doubled sales in multiple sporadic growth spurts, attained a cult following, and catered for celebrities like Kylie Jenner, before developing niKETO sweets one year later, which accelerated demand for her magical delectable creations.


With niKETO, Nikki has found the key to a happier and more loving world through health, wellness, and perfection of mind, in an easy, enticing, and tasty package. 

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