niKETO is a restaurant dedicated to making healthy eating more convenient, accessible, and enjoyable. A quick glance at our menu will show you that we serve all the same foods that you already love! We just serve them healthier.


At niKETO, we have dedicated years of research and development into refining our menu and our processes in order to ensure our commitment to bringing our best product to your table every time. While our cuisine is made with healthier ingredients, each alternative ingredient we use has been carefully selected to maintain the same taste, texture, and consistency of the foods you know and love. You don't need to compromise the taste of your food in order for it to be healthy for you!



Our menu consists of all of your favorite traditional American cuisine. From salads to pizzas, chips and guac, or pasta, we strive to include a wide variety in our menu options. Inspired by the ketogenic diet, all of the food you find on our menu are naturally lower in carbohydrates. We take your classic menu favorites, and remake them with ingredients similar in taste but lower in carbohydrates to give you a low carb version of some of your favorite dishes. In keeping with our commitment to the low-carb lifestyle, not a single item on our menu exceeds 8 net carbs.

Do I have to be on a keto diet to eat here?

No, absolutely not. Although our menu is optimized around a low carb, keto diet, it is delicious enough to be enjoyed by everyone. In fact, anyone can benefit from reducing their daily carbohydrate intake. While many people only associate the low-carb lifestyle with weight loss, eating fewer sugars and carbohydrates can also result in substantial and noticeable improvements in your skin, energy levels, and focus. Regardless of your day-to-day diet, there is no downside to eating fewer carbohydrates! In addition, there is no harm in consuming extra healthy fats. Dietary fats are water soluble, meaning they are excreted by the body when you eat more than your body actually requires to maintain energy levels. 



At niKETO, we realize that restaurants of our kind are few and far between. Our sole purpose and mission behind niKETO is to help our customers accomplish their health goals and improve their eating habits, in a way that is also fun, delicious, and easy! We know that healthy food does not have to taste like healthy food, and we want our customers to experience that for themselves. 


In our commitment to being able to provide convenient solutions to healthy eating, we currently take custom cake requests by pre-order only for any occasion. Meaning if you are eating low carb to lose weight, you can finally have your cake, and eat it too by feeling guilt free and satisfied! You may place your own custom order by filling out the requested information here

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niKETO was built upon the concept that true knowledge is power. Our goal is to educate others about the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle.  niKETO intends to inspire change in individuals, and to inspire change on a much  larger scale by reducing the amount of carbohydrates we consume as a collective society. The concept of niKETO was influenced by the ketogenic diet, but the key to success for niKETO is much simpler: our goal is not necessarily to encourage a drastic ketogenic diet lifestyle change, but instead,  to create awareness about the reality of consuming carbohydrates in excess, and the negative impacts it has on the body. From there, we are able to use this information to promote the positive benefits of eating foods that are naturally lower in carbohydrates.

At niKETO, we are committed to sharing information from new and current scientific research studies around carbohydrates, the low carbohydrate diet/lifestyle, as well as the ketogenic diet. We take this information, break it down, and translate it in a way that is easiest to understand the core principle and message of the study or findings. You can find a plethora of information regarding the benefits of the low carbohydrate lifestyle as well as educational resources about the ketogenic diet, topics from how the keto diet works, to  what it entails, and how it is followed, maintained, and done correctly in order to see the results you desire.



niKETO Sweets is open and available during our regular business hours of 10AM - 10PM daily, and we highly recommend placing your order directly through our website for the best service, and fastest delivery times. However, we are also available via third party applications for extended hours beyond our regular business hours, 8AM - 1AM daily. Bakery items include all menus seen in the "desserts" section on our menu.

Please make sure that you search for niKETO Sweets brand when using a third party platform in order to find us after hours, as these hours are available exclusively at niKETO Sweets, and not at niKETO.

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We currently deliver within a 5-7 mile radius of our location in Hollywood


We do also offer pick up orders for those outside of our delivery radius. 

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